» Metalized and vapour-barrier foils » ISOFLEX ALU-PZ


01– Roofing; 02– Tile batten; 03– Counter batten; 04– Vapour-permeable underlay; 05– Thermal insulation among the rafters; 06– Additional thermal insulation under the rafters; 07– Wooden or metal support; 08 – ISOFLEX ALU PZ; 09– Wall finishing (e.g., gypsum plasterboard); 10– Rafter/Стропило; 16– Water dropping strip; 18– MASTERFOL vapour-barrier adhesive



  • Installed behind the internal lining (e.g. plasterboard), it minimises the passage of vapour through the structure meanwhile reduces the air-infiltration and heat losses (in case of tight sealing by overlappings and jointings).
  • Metalised Polyethylene
ISOFLEX ALU-PZ - Thermomaster
Αριθμός άρθρο Προϊόν όνομα Συσκευασία
0212-01000060 ISOFLEX ALU-PZ 1,2 m × 50 fm=60 m²/roll